Grizzly + Kodiak 700 Intake 2019-Present

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Intake Kit

EHS Racing has delivered the cure for the plagued grizzly airbox, air filter design. Yamaha has always made a great machine but for some reason they have made a sub par air filter system. The squish it to the front of the box, and hope dirt doesn't get past the gobbed up drenched oil filter design just doesn't work. This is where we come in with our new positive clamp machined aluminum option.

The Biggest and Best Air Filters Possible

We have 2 filter options for this system both have massive filters. The foam filter option is made for us by UNI filter. It is their dual stage foam filter with a cage built inside the filter. This is a tank of an air filter and can hold up to anything thrown at it. Next is a KN filter option if you prefer to service and clean your filter more regularly this may be a better fit for you.

Do it Yourself Kit or Complete Lower

We offer this kit in 2 options with 2 filter choices so really 4 options

1st decide if you want to install the do it yourself version, (we provide aluminum adapter, filter of choice, and hardware) then you install it into your own airbox

The other option is we send you a kit pre installed into a new OEM lower that we buy from yamaha and mod here at the shop. We also include a new intake tube that we precut so anything you have to modify is done ahead and you then take the pre modded pieces and install them onto your machine(all the cutting and modding is already done)

So you have either of the above options with your choice of filter.

Replaceable Air Filter

The air filters for these kits are interchangable so if you decide you want a kn to start you can switch to the uni down the road it does not require a new intake adapter. BOTH of these filters are MUCH different from the OEM style air filters when you need a replacement we offer these as well part # 2305 and # 2306 on our website.