ATC 250R Kit

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 Plates For Airbox Covers(Qty:1.00)
 Filters For Airbox Covers(Qty:1.00)
 Hardware Nuts,Bolts,etc.(Qty:11.00)
 Hardware Nuts,Bolts,etc.(Qty:11.00)
 Hardware Nuts,Bolts,etc.(Qty:11.00)


ATC 250R Air Box Kit

EHS Racing Kits are for you to install/modify your own OEM cover

Open Box Performance

Gain the benefits of a open airbox while retaining the benefits of a closed one. EHS Lids allow all the air of a no lid application while maintaining the protection you recieve from a closed factory box. 

Water Resistant Material

The Pre-Filters are made of a specific water resistant material. The filters are made specific for EHS Racing By Outerwears all edges are tapped for maximum strength as well. 

Replaceable Pre Filter and Hardware

All parts can be replaced and ordered specific from us here to maintain the life well past what your ATV or application will last.