Single Cylinder Molded Unit

OEM Adapter Harness

Multi Cylinder Aluminum Unit With Cradel


Performance Electronics Stand Alone ECU/Ignition

ATV Specific Units Available


YFZ 450R/X, KFX 450R, LTR 450, Raptor 700

Universal Multi Cylinder Full Featured Boards


Everything just requires proper setup files, and custom wiring harness

Installation Instructions:

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  • Above pictures are screen shots of the tuning software which will give you a good idea of this ECU capabilities. We tried to cover the important and most common things people will want to see. We will have further information as far as specific picture installs and dyno charts/videos available in our forums for people to see.
  • ATV specific units are available for certain models these are a almost full featured board but have a few options that are not included when compared to a full featured multi cylinder application.
  • The ATV specific units can be adapted to any other model with a new setup file and OEM harness adapter so if you have a YFZ and switch to a raptor you can reconfigure the ecu to work on the new bike for just the cost of the OEM adapter harness ($200).
  • The multi cylinder universal models come with a generic harness with 6' uncut lead which requires user to make there own wire harness. You have to tie the included harness into factory or user specified sensors.
  • The multi cylinder unit can be configured to work on anything. When your not using it on your ATV take it off and put it on your drag car, street bike, or scooter. :) just have another harness made for each application and setup a tuning file for each instance.
  • ECU is updatable Performance Electronics is always making new features and options available. Software Updates are free for life and do not require sending the unit back. Interface cable is required though which is additional cost.
  • ECU is networkable with its own ip address you could tie a wireless adapter to it and do on the fly adjustments while its running.
  • If your looking for the next level in performance it doesn't get much better than this. The PE ignition will hold its own against units that cost 5 times what this does.
  • You are in complete control over all operating parameters of the motor no more factory pre sets to work around, you can change coils, injectors, add nitrous, turbo, closed loop efi. Bring in auxiliary sensors to monitor engine functions or offset ignition and fuel parameters its only limited to what you can imagine.
  • If there is a feature not yet available the engineers at PE are more than willing to build the feature your looking for into it for future software releases.
  • There is a very robust data logger built into the unit which monitors everything in real time


ATV Single Cylinder with Factory Adapter Harness


Universal Multi Cylinder with 6' Generic Harness


PE Ignition Store Page