Grizzly 700 Air Box Lid Reviews

Grizzly 700 Airbox Air Box Cover Lid

Grizzly Central July 2007

Grizzly 700 Airbox Air Box Cover Lid

ATV Torture October 2007


EHS Racing Air Box Cover

Grizzly 700 EHS Racing Custom Air Box Cover

Fitment Specifications:




Grizzly 700, Grizzly 550


Grizzly 700 2007-present

Grizzly 550 2009-present

Notes On Fitment:

Recommend to modify foam & plastic cover see pic HERE

Installation Instructions:


  • The Grizzly 700 air box cover is recommended to replace a no lid application. It will give you the open box performance you desire with the closed box protection that's needed.
  • For maximum performance increase and tunibility we suggest combing this lid with our Bullet Box for the Grizzly 700. Or the use some type FI controller is highly recommended.
  • The EHS airbox lid will also greatly improve how clean your filter stays compared to when you are forced to run with no lid at all.
  • The material is specifically designed by Outerwears for EHS; all edges are tapped to prevent fraying or tearing.
  • The filter is made from a water resistant material, so it will keep almost all water out of your air box.
  • Cleaning is super easy, just take the whole cover off and wash it under the sink.
  • All aluminum plates are CNC milled for exact precision with EHS RACING engraved in every one.
  • We have multiple color options to choose from either filters, or anodized plates.


Complete Setup




Pricing Info

All Kits and Completes are priced with an aluminum plate and black filter. Color options are upgrades at $5 each

Replacement Filter (Black)


Replacement Filter (Colored)


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Color Options

All colors are not available for all models please check store for availability

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