Bullet Billet
This is a protective case that is nearly water proof. (with some silicon) We offer in black & aluminum it also fits all other brand EFI similar style controllers

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EHS Racing EFI Controller


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EHS Racing EFI Controllers aka Bullet Box:

EHSRacing EFI controllers industry leading in ease of use and out of the box performance. These Fuel management controllers will be able to deliver more fuel to your atv which is needed when applying intake and exhaust modifications. The great thing about the Bullet Box is they are designed to work directly with the EHS Racing air box covers. Each tuner comes with settings to work with a stock exhaust or aftermarket. Many other companies fuel controllers are designed to work with a closed or stock air box especially pertaining to 4X4 ATV's. They are all basically a plug and play style setup but still retain total tunibility, no modes or circuits are locked out. No outside computer will be needed for tuning as everything can be done directly from the control itself. It takes the stock fuel management and breaks it down into simple carburetor tuning logic. Your ATV will be able to return to a completely stock setup by simply removing the EFI controller from the wiring harness. The EHS Racing Bullet Box comes pre-mapped to work with our existing line of airbox cover's and some type of exhaust modification. But they are definitely not limited to any certain setup as each EFI controller is completely tunable by the end user.

Each model controller goes through extensive testing in the field and on our Dyno Jet ATV Dyno. We hook up data loggers for field testing which assure that the base maps we design perform not only on the dyno but in real world scenarios. EHS Racing also leaves all tunning modes open for the end user to have control of which is important when you go above the normal add-ons like and exhaust and airbox. When you change cams, valves, stroke, compression. It all has effect on how and when the fuel needs to be delivered. Each of our controllers are capable of this fine tuning needed with these scenarios.

We also offer free phone support where you can talk to the guys that design the maps not just a secretary or someone that will have that blank stare when you ask them a technical question. These controllers are very simple to use but some people feel more comfortable with a little reassurance when dialing them in for the first time and we are here to answer any question that arises.

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