EHS Racing & Barker Package Systems

Big 3 Package Systems:


EHS Racing and Barkerís Performance have teamed up to offer the best bolt on performance package available. Yes, we said best and we will back it up; it just not only makes more power than the competition. We feel itís also the best because we designed it with the end user specifically in mind, meaning you can install it then ride. We have done the tuning, testing, R&D, and we have spent the time finding what works and what doesn't. Each package has had time spent on our dyno and then we field tested, extensively. The fuel controllers we have designed for this system are all pre set and when it arrives, it will not only work, it will work great. Some fine tuning may be required but generally within 5-10 minutes of riding you should have the controller figured out and tuned in specifically to your ATV. We offer free phone support for the people that are not as confident or just need a little reassurance to make sure they are doing it correctly.

The EHS Racing, Barker Big 3 package has combined the best exhaust, tuner and air box lid in one convenient package. Itís designed to have you riding as soon as it is delivered. All three pieces are proven to work together and outshine the competition. Each exhaust is closer to a hand crafted piece, rather than just some tubing bent to fit the space and produce mediocre results. All pipes feature a unique reverse megaphone design that produces unparalleled gains in Horse power and Torque. The fuel controllers are all designed to find every bit of power that these pipes are capable of creating. We spend many hours, trying many things, to create unique base or operating maps that are specific to the ATV they were designed for. There is no cookie cutter or generic data recycled from machine to machine producing a unit that merely gets the job done. We put a lot of effort to find what each machine responds well to and what doesn't, in order to deliver the best possible fuel mapping. The air box covers are designed to let you get all the power this package is capable of. Generally, the airbox lid would need to be removed completely exposing your air filter to the harsh riding environments. However, the proven EHS airbox allows you to ride with some reassurance that you are more protected without sacrificing performance.