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EHS Racing Air Box Covers:

The product that started it all for EHSRacing, get all the benefits of a closed intake system while the performance of an open air box setup. Available in either do it yourself kits or complete setups. More information is available here.

Airbox Cover Link

EHS Racing Exhaust Tips:

Billet tips designed for a cost effective way to free up that restrictive stock exhaust system. If your considering a slip-on exhaust system you might want to consider one of these instead.

Exhaust Tip Link

EHS Racing EFI Controllers:

The perfect addition to our air box covers and some type of exhaust modification. Control exactly how your machine performs.

EFI Controller Link

EHS Racing Free Flow Intake Systems:

Performance intake systems designed for maximum flow and protection.

Free Flow Intake Link

EHS Racing Apparel:

Mens & Womens T-Shirts and other EHS Racing branded apparel. You cant go wrong with a slogan like "Nobody Likes A Dirty Box".

EHS Racing Apparel Link