EHS Racing RZR 800 Weber Conversion

Weber 130 Hp Engine Kit


Price Of Kit:

$10,999 + Freight

Installation Charges of Kit :


Base kit is designed and fabricated by:

EHS Racing Extras:

CVT Aluminum Enclosure


Aftermarket Style Exhaust



  • The pictures above show the installation of a rzr 800 weber conversion kit, pictures are as the progress style. There is a lot of work and parts with this kit, we tried to show a lot of what it includes but there is much more than shown.
  • This is the 130HP kit which includes a inter cooler upgraded radiator and a few other goodies. For this build we had to mount the inter cooler in a custom location due to the taller seats and roll cage.
  • We are using our EHSRACING air intake to vent the cvt system this is an upgrade which is not normally included in the kit. The turbo air filtration is using the customers existing DFR intake. The plumbing & mounting for it was all additional components by EHS Racing.
  • We are also releasing an aftermarket style exhaust that will replace what comes with the system. Canister only head pipe remains the same.
  • The pictures above show some prototype work as this was the first conversion we did so some things in some pictures may be in prototype or beginning stages.
  • This is a very well put together kit for people with a well running engine it might seem a little overpriced but for the guys that have engine issues like a lot of rzr owners out there and want to upgrade to turbo type power this actually is a very cost effective way to get something built to last.
  • For general questions about the kit please refer to wasteland performance if you are interested in EHS Racing doing the conversion please feel free to call us at 866-997-2345.
  • Dyno Sheets and follow up coming soon.