EHS Racing at Barkers Exhaust:

Here is us in Michigan helping Barkers design a specific map for there Nytro Exhaust. Double click for full screen


Dealer EFI Program

EHS Racing is looking for qualified tuners and dealers to setup there own independent EFI Controller program

This program will allow you to either use the maps we have designed for each specific model or design your own in house maps for anything fuel injected! *** Some stipulations will apply when using EHS Racing designed maps

This will appeal to the following

  1. Exhaust designers that need a easy to use plug and play system for there customers.
  2. Motor packages that the builder wants to have a specific map built for there package.
  3. Dyno Shops looking for more.
  4. Tuners looking to get into the fuel injection world.
  5. Race teams that want to be in charge of there own tuning.
  6. Dealers that want to resell our tuners but want full control of the behind the scene base maps.

These EFI Programmers are not limited to the models we may support on our web site they can easily be adapted to anything fuel injected from Mopeds to Automobiles and everything in between

By Enrolling in the program it will allow you full control over the tuning parameters and the units can be marketed as your own controller.

  • You will be owner of the maps designed and those maps will only be accessible by the owner.
  • You will be able to set pricing and control marketing.
  • You will also be handling support issues for your own product.
  • There is not a lot of up front money required for equipment the software is all accessed through the internet so it is available any place. Whether it be at your shop, the track, the customers etc.
  • Each dealer/team will have its own online account where its unique maps and support material are stored.
  • EHS Racing will help with training, support issues, marketing materials etc but this program is to allow you to be in control
  • There is a minimum buy in required if your interested please contact us for more information 866-997-2345

We can handle the initial training over the phone and through a web meeting that will allow us to login to your computer and walk you through the map design process. Or at request we can come to your shop or location and walk you through the 1st one.

We also can offer trainging support for your dynojet dyno equipment as well so if your a new owner or tuning shop combing this program with your dyno operation may be a great addition.