Dealer Tools & Resources:

We use a flash slide show to display our products on our web site, which makes it difficult for our dealers to capture the images to add to there own web site. We have created another repository site where all images can be downloaded. Also all instructions and company logos can be found here as well.

Image Repository Link


Dealer Information

U.S Dealer Information:We have simplified our dealer program setup requirements its easy now!!! Follow these steps.

  1. Create an account in our online store (no purchase is necessary).
  2. Call 866-997-2345 let us know you want to setup a dealer account.
  3. Once you call, fax us a copy of your dealer certificate to 866-920-7231.
  4. We will flip the switch turning your account into a dealer account.
  5. Your done our new store is enabled with dealer level pricing. We drop ship for $5 for any level 2 or higher dealer account.

If for some reason you are uncomfortable or unable to setup an online account call us we can do it manually.

We are still strict that these following requirements are met and kept up. We want to protect our existing dealers and new dealers, nobody likes to be a dealer for cut throat 5% margins. EHS Racing is a trusted brand building its reputation since 2001.

  • You must operate a store that focuses on the powersports industry (either online or physical).
  • All advertised pricing must follow our posted MSRP (this pertains to online and print including eBay).
  • There is no minimum buy in for our dealer program, but we do have 3 different levels of pricing which reflects on how much you buy.

  • ALL NORTH CAROLINA DEALERS Must submit this FORM with dealer certification.

International Dealer Information:

United Kingdom Dealers please contact ATV'S ONLY they distribute EHS Racing products. Email:

  • All requirements from above and also including these.
  • All new dealers first orders are placed on a 10 business day hold from the time that the credit card is processed to the time of shipment.
  • This is to help protect us against fraud, we do accept bank transfers and will ship same day payment clears.
  • If the dealer can support the demand we will only sell to one dealer per country and push all orders that come direct to EHS RACING to be placed with that dealer.